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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Why You Should Spend your Hilton Points NOW

Earlier this month Hilton did a major devaluation of its points currency effective March 28, 2013.  That got me thinking about what I wanted to do with our Hilton points.  We have a combined 350,000 Hilton points and two free weekend nights left over from the Citi Hilton credit card sign up bonus.  Of course the value of the weekend night certificates won't become devalued, we just have to use them before they expire later this year.  I see another weekend in NYC in our future!

See this post to maximize the value of Hilton points using VIP and AXON awards.  If you find yourself running out of time before the March 28th deadline and are in need of points, a transfer from Hawaiian Air Miles is a great way to accumulate Hilton points. Hawaiian Air Miles transfer 1:2 to Hilton points.  In other words, 10,000 Hawaiian miles transfer to 20,000 Hilton points.  Please understand that it could take two weeks or more for them to post into your Hilton account.  No one ever accused Hawaiian Air of being efficient! The transfer process is not a seamless one to say the least.

The above idea was the strategy used to book our 8 nights in French Polynesia in the Fall of 2014.  We will be staying at the Hilton Moorea for 4 nights and the Hilton Bora Bora for 4 nights.  We used one AXON7 award that requires 145,000 points (my wife has the Hilton Amex Surpass) and one VIP award  (Courtesy of my Diamond status) which requires 170,000 points.  You don't need Diamond status to book a VIP award though.  You only need some kind of status with Hilton.  Status can be easily attained by one of their hotel branded credit cards

So how was I able to book 8 nights at the Hilton in French Polynesia when the Hilton website typically only allows booking one year in advance? Read this post from Lucky.  He details how to book Hilton awards into 2015. 

There you have it!  Book your Hilton award stays now before your points become massively devalued on March 28th, 2013.
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The Points Doctor is Bruce J. Wilderman DDS of Artistic Expressions Dentistry.Dr. Wilderman has a practice limited to Cosmetic Dentistry, serving patients of the Philadelphia Area since 1986.He and wife of 30 years enjoy traveling the world for little or no money with the points and miles they have earned from the credit card companies. Dr. Wilderman would love to teach you how to do the same. You may reach him at

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