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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hyatt Diamond Status is Not Worth It. (Satire)

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed and no trees were destroyed in the making of this blog post. Any resemblance to actual events is purely coincidental. Your mileage may vary. YMMV.

As a new Hyatt Diamond Member, I was anxious to see how my new elite status would get me the upgrade I am rightly entitled to. After all, not everyone is elite like me, or so I thought.

We arrived yesterday at the Hyatt Grand Tampa Bay around 9:30 AM after our early morning flight from Philadelphia. I was tired from having to wake at the ungodly hour of 3 AM. I figured I would use my new status to get in our room early as I had faxed several requests to hotel management in the weeks prior to our stay announcing my arrival. I asked for an early check-in, a late check out and to have our breakfast sent up to the room when we arrived. After all, I figured these were all reasonable requests commensurate with my newly attained status.

Upon arrival I was disappointed to see there was no fanfare, no big fuss, nothing!  Didn't they know who I was?  I went up to the diamond check-in area and approached the gentleman at the desk. In a pleasant voice he said "how may I help you sir?"   I told him I was checking in and could someone please take our bags to our room as I would really like to lay down now. He had a slightly puzzled look on his face when he said that it was only 9:30 and our room was still occupied by another guest. He promised to call me on my cell phone the minute our room was ready. I returned that same puzzled look, when I said to him, "don't you know who I am?"  Once again in a very courteous voice he replied, "of course Dr. Wilderman, you are The Points Doctor". At this point I was starting to get a little frustrated.  "But I have Diamond status, doesn't that mean something"?  I sent 4 faxes to you in the last week with all my requests just like I learned from reading Milepoint everyday. He then proceeded to tell me the bad news. There was another Diamond member in MY suite.  He had the nerve to ask for a 4pm check out this morning! In fact the entire hotel was filled with Platinum and Diamond members thanks to the new Chase Hyatt Visa card they were advertising all over the lobby. Surely my Diamond status trumps the lowly Platinum status that comes with a credit card.  Couldn't they remove someone out of a room to make room for us?  He then proceeded to tell me that ever since it was announced that the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay would be hosting the Fall FTU (Frequent Traveler University for those non Milepoint readers) the hotel was booking up all the suites before the room block was closed out. I am so glad I jumped on our tickets to the event and reserved my suite for that September weekend!

Very disappointed we went outside to sit around the pool until our suite was ready. About 5 minutes later, that nice young man from the Diamond desk showed up to tell me that they have solved the problem. Our room still wouldn't be ready until near noon, but they had upgraded us to a large corner suite. SCORE!

I guess making a pest of yourself pays after all! Maybe next time I will try to get the property manager's home phone number to avoid these problems in the future.

In all seriousness, the staff here at the Grand Hyatt has been wonderful. We do have a beautiful corner suite on the 11th floor  overlooking the water. (what? they could give me the club floor?) We had a wonderful dinner at Oystercatchers last night. Great seafood. The Calamari fries were awesome and the fish was very fresh. I can see why it was rated in the top ten out of 800+ restaurants on Trip Advisor in Tampa.  We look forward to our return for FTU in September.

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The Points Doctor is Bruce J. Wilderman DDS of Artistic Expressions Dentistry.Dr. Wilderman has a practice limited to Cosmetic Dentistry, serving patients of the Philadelphia Area since 1986.He and wife of 30 years enjoy traveling the world for little or no money with the points and miles they have earned from the credit card companies. Dr. Wilderman would love to teach you how to do the same. You may reach him at