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Saturday, December 22, 2012

35% Transfer Bonus From AMEX to Virgin Atlantic and Hilton

From now until December 29, 2012 you can receive a 35% transfer bonus when transferring AMEX Membership Reward (MR) points to Virgin Atlantic.  This is a great way to build up your Hilton account since Virgin Atlantic points transfer 1:2 with Hilton.  This effectively gives you a 1:2.7 tranfer rate.  In other words, 10,000 MR points = 27,000 Hilton points. 

Here are the program details:

1) You must have a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account. It's very easy to join.

2) You must transfer a minimum of 10,000 points from MR to Virgin Atlantic, then in increments of 5000 MR points. (15,000, 20,000, 25,000, etc). If you are transferring them to Hilton, you need to take and extra step to convert the Vigin Atlantic miles to Hilton points.

3) It says that transfers can take up to 30 days to occur, so it's no good if you need to book NOW!

4) Offer ends 12/29/12.

I recently applied and was approved for the AMEX Business Gold credit card that came with a  2-day only 75,000 MR points sign up bonus.  The current offer is only 25,000 points.  I probably won't take advantage of the offer right now as I currently have over 500,000 Hilton points. It's almost always best to keep flexible points (like MR, UR or Starpoints) in the account until you actually need them.  I never build points in an account without a purpose in mind for them.  I find it best to "Earn 'em and Burn 'em as these programs are constantly being devalued. 

If you've got the need for Virgin Atlantic miles or Hilton points, this might be a good opportunity to take advantage of a very nice transfer bonus on Membership Reward Points. 

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