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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Earn Over 240,000 Hilton Points in One Day

How to Earn Over 240,000 Hilton Points in One Day and How to Use Them

It's App-O-Rama time!  That's the term card churners call the day they make multiple applications for credit.  It's typically done every 91 days.  Here is a list of reconsideration lines for different banks.  If you get declined or an "Under Review" message, you simply call the reconsideration line right away and plead your case.  Most times they just need more information to make an approval. 

We're going to make application to four different banks to accumulate 240,000 Hilton points in one day.  Here's our list of cards.

1) Citibank -Hilton Visa.  Sign up bonus 40,000 points.  Minimum spend $1500/ 6 mo. No fee first yr.
2) Amex -Hilton Surpass. Sign up bonus 40,000 first purchase/ 20,000 $3000 spend/ 3 mo. $79 fee.
3) Bank of America -Hawaiian Air.  Sign up bonus 35,000 miles. $1000spend / 4 months $79 fee.
4) Bank of Hawaii -Hawaiian Air. Sign up bonus 35,000 miles. $1000spend / 4 months $79 fee.

Hawaiian Airline miles convert 1:2 to Hilton HHonors yielding 140,000 points.

Total Points. Over 250,000 Hilton points (after accounting for minimum spending requirements)
Total Minimum spend  $6500
Total Fees $237

Here you have applied for 4 different cards from 4 different banks to receive a total of 240K Hilton points in one day.  Chance of approval of all 4. Excellent!

What do you do with 250,000 Hilton Points? Here is the standard Hilton award chart. No discounts.


Here is a chart of VIP/GLON awards that you are eligible for by virtue of the fact that you have status with Hilton by owning these cards.  VIP awards can't be booked online. The GLON awards are good for 4 nights or more and for category 3 or up.

Here is the AXON (American Express ONly) award chart that you are eligible to use when you have a Hilton Amex card. The AXON awards are good for exactly 4 nights and good for category 5 through 7 properties. You can use multiple AXON awards back to back.  In other words 4,8,12,etc. nights.

From one day of applications, $237 in annual fees, and paying $6500 in bills, you could have 8 nights at a category 6 Hilton.  


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